Pre-move Survey (Estimate)

We’ll help you remove the guesswork off your moving plans.

To achieve this, we carry out a pre-move survey to determine just how much shipment has to be moved, the nature of the shipment, and what it would require to move them. That way, we are able to provide tailored services that suit your needs. Our experienced and dedicated professionals will also recommend money-saving tips that would make your move cheaper and more cost effective.

Why do we carry out this pre-move survey with you? – So that we can give you tailor-made quotes and let you know beforehand what you’ll need. Our experts will try to determine how much furniture, or other items will need to be moved and we will also take into consideration the fragility of some of the items, and what will be required to transport them to the required destination, including the best medium to use. This pre-move survey also helps us to determine how many members of our team will have to be assigned to the task, which special equipment may be required, and the size of the van to make available. 

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